Women at thirty are at the prime time of their life. Most of the women have multiple responsibilities at this stage. They have their career to pursue, children to take care of and have to strike a balance between workplace and home. In the midst of all this, they do not get time to maintain themselves and as a result face problems like weight gain.

The body also starts showing changes as you cross thirty, The rate of metabolism slows down adding extra pounds. Body muscles start losing their tone thereby resulting in loss of strength, fitness and balance. Juggling between multiple responsibilities can make one over-stressed. Not only these hormone fluctuations also affect the mood swings, weight and even the food cravings. In other words, it can be said that thirty proves to be a turning point in the life of a woman.

It is very important for women in this prime time of their life to take care of issues related to weight management, skin care, nutrition, fitness and stress related disorders. Weight management and nutrition can help to a very great extent. Remember weight management at this stage sets a health plan for the next many years.

The first important thing in reducing the weight is to identify the weight loss barriers. They can vary from lack of time to faulty habits. This simple step will help in solving the problem to a great extent.

For reducing weight, one must understand the importance of muscle tone and metabolism. Metabolism slows down after thirty. Simple work outs can help in strengthening the muscles and helping in the process of metabolism. Cardio vascular exercises such as running, jumping and swimming can help a lot. Even a short and brisk walk for fifteen minutes can bring about desirable changes Fun activities with children can solve two purposes.

It is also the right time to plan a healthy life plan. The Proper diet plan should be maintained. It should be inclusive of the balanced meal with fruits and vegetables. Protein intake can help in maintaining the metabolism. At the same time, less intake of sugar and monitored amount of carbohydrates can also help in weight management. Junk food is harmful and hence needs to be avoided. In fact, a daily intake of calories can be planned out. Instead of taking large meals small meals after three to four hours can help a lot. It may sound strange, but lack of sleep also affects the weight. Proper sleep is essential for weight loss. This video describes a basic and simple diet plan for weight loss for women:

Thus, taking into consideration the various factors that set in at the age of thirty the main two things that can help in weight loss are creative weight loss programs and a healthy diet. Another thing that can help is of course the will power to lead a healthy life in spite of the unavoidable demands at the most crucial time of life.

Weight Loss for Women Over Thirty